About Us

When we introduce ourselves as a blog site that deals with classified ads there is bound to be a collective sigh of “not another one please”. We understand the reason behind this reaction. There are literally hundreds of sites dealing with classified ads and how can www.soldegrossiste.com make a difference?

The moment that you visit a classified ads website, you will be bombarded with hundreds of ads, most of which will pertain to things that you are NOT looking for. These searches are not just a waste of time, in all probability you will leave the site without finding success. Further, if you as a business or an individual is looking for a publication or newspaper to advertise your products or services or personal goods, you should know which one will give your ad the most exposure among the target audience you have in mind.

This is where we at www.soldegrossiste.com can b e of great help to you. We do not publish ads on our site. In fact we are not another Craigslist. What we do is offer you the best possible guidance on what you are looking for in classified ads.

An example will help you understand our point better. If you are a businessman in Sydney and going for a new product launch outside your city, you will naturally want to know which publication or online site will fetch the maximum returns for you. There will be classified ads publications that are specific to a specific target audience and you should know about them to optimise responses to your ad. This is where visiting our site can be helpful to you. We keep a tab on ads platforms and bring details of them in our site.

However, to make our site truly helpful to visitors, we request write-ups and blogs from those who have vast knowledge of the classified ads sector. Blogs can be related to news and information on classified ads and tips on how to choose the precise publication that will match your needs.

Blogs received by us may be modified if required by our team. We will inform writers through email once their writings are published on our site.