Advertising over the last decade has seen a quantum shift from traditional print media to online Internet based platforms. This has been necessitated by the prevalence of a digital business environment where most operational functions are carried out online. Small business and start-ups especially those with limited funds to spare have seen that it is possible to carry out promotional campaigns and increase brand awareness through optimised use of free online classified sections. There is now a plethora of classified websites where entrepreneurs can post an ad that addresses their exact needs. It is a perfect way to reach existing and potential customers quickly and effectively and most crucially at affordable rates.

How can businesses improve their sales and turnover through free online classifieds?

One of the most important aspects of online classifieds is that it helps businesses reach out to a wide section of the population in the shortest possible time. It is possible to exactly pinpoint the prime classifieds that will match the requirements of business. Hence unlike the old methods where expenses were fixed irrespective of how many readers saw the ads, in online scenario, businesses can choose to place ads in classifieds websites that cater specifically to the relevant niche. Hence buyers looking for a product in that niche get to see only the ads that will be useful to them. This increases the per ad online visibility and is good for business.

Another advantage is SEO through classified ads. SEO services offered by a reputed and well known online digital marketing and web development company will make full use of classifieds to boost businesses through appropriate marketing strategies. One of the ways that classified helps in SEO is by promoting traffic to the website thereby enabling firms to get ahead of their competitors. This is done through quick and seamless interaction and communication between online buyers and sellers. By promoting links to a website from classifieds, the visibility and online presence of a firm is automatically enhanced effectively.

However, for making optimal use of free classifieds for improving business, it is necessary that the right processes be followed in this regard. First, selecting the right website for placement of the ad is essential. Only those sites should be selected that draws in most visitors wishing to make a purchase. Sites with high PR are always preferable. However, ads should be submitted to as many sites as possible if the sole purpose is to create a good SEO strategy.

The next step is to select the right Category and Sub-category and should be done correctly. For example, those in the Information Technology field can opt for category “Computer” and sub-category “online digital marketing” or “web design”. Buyers of products and services know exactly where to look for and so if you want to maximise traffic and sales you too should be very specific here.

The content of classified should be attractive enough to make readers go through it repeatedly and make a purchase decision. All required information should be spelt out in clear terms but should be compressed into least number of words. The best classifieds have catchy phrases like “free”, “win” “discounts” or “make big money”.

Businesses today are taking full advantage of the Internet to boost sales and turnover using free online classifieds.